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Su highland machine tool co., LTD

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Su highland machine tool co., LTD

Su highland machine tool co., LTD. Is a machine tool plant restructuring established by su much,The original national machinery industry fixed-point production of forging equipment manufacturers,Was built in1998Years,With nearly 20 years of the historical background。To enter90S,With the further deepening of reform and opening-up,A large number of private machine tool enterprises gradually grow up;2000Years later,Through intensify restructuring,Active introduction of inline,Su highland machine tool plant restructuring for su highland machine tool co., LTD。After years of technological innovation、Strong technical force and sophisticated processing equipment。The company's design level,The scale of production,The quality of products are in the same industry advanced level。Now has staff180More than one,The highly educated people accounted for40%The above,High、Intermediate professional and technical personnel50People。The company covers an area of24000Square meters,The construction area15000Square meters,Has developed into toC41Series air hammer、Shaping machine、Vertical drilling machine、Gear hobbing machine、Metal band sawing machine and other leading products,Set research and development、Manufacturing、Marketing in an integrated entity enterprise。
Vertical drilling machine machine tool co., LTD., one of the main product is su much。Companies focus on the vertical drilling machine developed nearly 20 years,Has accumulated a powerful technical strength,And inZ5140BVertical drilling machineZ5150BVertical drilling machineTwo kinds of products has its unique technology and production skills,The quality and accuracy is higher than with the enterprise level。Research and development of the mature technology,Professional service team has let highland machine into southern regionVertical drilling machine manufacturersThe outstanding person。We always adhere to the quality first,“Only do high quality machine tools”The aim of the,Perfect quality inspection system and improving the service level,The highland with friends from all walks of life hand in hand,To grow into a quality machine tools,A responsible manufacturer!
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